Unofficial Finviz API Documentation Reviews

Getting the latest market data or information sometimes could be difficult especially if someone does not have the right tools. Apart from getting live trading information, an investor also needs data scraping, research, and market or financial analysis. That is where Finviz API comes in. Finviz API provides market charts, maps, screeners, analysis, and other comparative tools. However, it is important to understand that this is not a live trading platform but provides financial analysis, data scraping, and research. Finviz API is ideal for developers, investors, businesses, as well as all users who have interest in the market or stock analysis.

What is Finviz API?

Finviz API is a browsing stock market platform that facilitates research for market data. It makes market information readily available to users and investors. The user accesses the latest market maps, charts, financial news, and Portfolio tracking among others. Here, the investors can access both premium and free tools that enable them to tap on opportunities and more ideas to trade in futures, stocks, and forex. The data could be frightening to newbie traders however, if one understands how to use the data, they could save both resources and time. Before delving more into the subject, let us have a look at the basic options.

Finviz APIs can be supported or availed through SDKs and multiple Interface Programming Languages. These include Python, Rest API, C, GitHub Links, Excel, Ruby, and Java. Below are some of the best Finviz APIs.

  • Morning Star
  • OptionChain
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Alpha Vintage
  • Twelve Data
  • Finnhub Realtime Stock Price
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Stock and Options Trading Data Provider

It is, therefore, upon the user to choose the one that suits their purpose and needs.

Available Finviz Options

The options offer varying features and tools to the users. It is, therefore, at the discretion of the user to choose the option that suits them. Below are the available options.

The Elite Option

The Elite option is a premium version. It provides both paid and free features to the premium subscribers. The paid features here, cannot be found in any other pricing option. The yearly subscription is $299.50 however; a user can also opt for a monthly payment plan of $39.50. In this option, a user can access the following features: advanced charting, a maximum of 100 screeners, email alerts, backtesting, no-ads platform, instant maps, and instant quotes.

The Registered Option

Here the user has to sign up to access more features. Signing up is straightforward. It takes a maximum of 3 minutes to complete the whole process. A user does not need to pay but just register to access the limited features unlike in the Elite option. Apart from the free features, the user can access the following features, portfolio tickers, limited screener outcome, fifty screener presets, daily graphs, and charts. Finally, let us have a look at the last pricing option.

The Free Option

The option is all good news to first-timers or newbie users. One does not need to do anything but can just browse the site and get the free features instantly. Yes, there is no logging in or signing up as is with the other two options. Here, the user only gets limited features as well as tools. However, it is important to understand that the features data cannot be saved. These are the limited features, quotes, charts, groups, and 3-5 delayed Maps.

What is the Importance of Finviz API

The endpoints in APIs allow the developers and other users integration capability of stock screeners in their projects assignments. The Finviz Python API and others can handle a huge amount of data thereby enabling firms to do research or market analysis. A large amount of data available makes Finviz API one of the best tools for data scraping.

How the Finviz Stock Screener Works

The Finviz API Stock Screeners use the Get Request format. The users get the API Key and link endpoints of the APIs to their APPS. The endpoints are the go-through that links up with data sources.

Finviz Features

Finviz has several features, such as the screener, news, insider sales tracking, heat maps, sectors, cryptocurrency, and futures among others.

It is important to understand that whatever quotes data that are featured on this platform, there is always a delay of 20 minutes for both AMEX and NYSE as well as 15 minutes delay for NASDAQ.

Finviz API provides users with the required financial information to make informed decisions. For investors, it matters most in understanding when to make an investment move. With the various inbuilt market analysis tools in the platform, a trader can know when and how to act and realize good returns.