Python Cryptocurrency API

Are you stuck on where to begin when it comes to developing your Cryptocurrency Application? You are in the right place, whether you are a crypto lover, developer, or just an interested party on matters of Cryptocurrency APP Development we care for your concerns. It does not matter what Crypto App you want to develop the APIs we will be talking about shortly will answer all your unsaid queries. They will be able to incorporate various functions and services at a go. Whether it is developing a Payment App, Trading Robot or bot, and other business demand Applications this article has been creatively designed to give solutions to the above concerns and many more. We will be exploring the 4 Best Python Cryptocurrency API for Developers in this article.

What is Cryptocurrency APIs?

The exponential growth in the Crypto industry has attracted huge trading volumes in crypto. There have been many Cryptocurrency exchanges. This has prompted the innovation of APIs that would facilitate the development of Apps that would assist the users in cryptocurrency conversions and other uses.

What is Cryptocurrency API then?

Cryptocurrency API is programming software that facilitates the development of applications. It can access program, platform, or operating system data. Therefore, the software enables the users to link it with Crypto exchanges, and perform various functions such as receiving or pulling data, execution of orders, and trades among others. Various crypto Exchanges offer their Application Programming Interface (API) to be used by customers or developers to link in their Systems. However, with the emerging cybersecurity risks, the API can be prone to hackers and other ill-intended users. Therefore, the kind of API a user chooses needs to be highly secured. In this article, we will be highlighting various aspects or features the best Python Cryptocurrency API should have. Below are the 4 Best Cryptocurrency APIs.

  2. Coinbase API
  3. Kraken API
  4. Gemini API


This is an FX, Cryptocurrency, and Commodity Currency Exchange platform. It offers friendly, fast, and sufficient on-time data. Currency is a platform offering Reliable and Easy to digest simple API documentation. It covers a wide range of assets, from metals, foreign exchange to Cryptocurrencies. There are over three hundred crypto assets, 1800 pairs of foreign exchange, and commodities such as gold and silver.

Why use Currency

  • They collaborate with the user in developing a friendly, safe, and fast currency API.
  • The API is reliable and very fast responding in Milliseconds.
  • It is friendly and easy to use. Within less than ten minutes, a user is ready to start trading.


  • The data offered is fresh and straight from the primary sources such as Exchanges, and floors of trades
  • Has an uptime and reliability guarantee
  • It uses bank-level encryption to block hackers
  • Offers real on time Exchange Rates, and updates in a maximum of sixty seconds or less
  • Here you get the technical support needed to start you off in your trading experience
  • No need for Multiple sources of Data, with the platform you will get all the data you need


You can always start with a free trial for seven days then go for the premium subscription.

The premium begins from $19 to $199. Therefore, one can choose what suits their need.

Coinbase API

Coinbase API is a virtual Crypto platform that enables customers and Merchants to transact.

What it does

  • It generates Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and ETH Wallets as well as Addresses
  • It securely stores cryptocurrencies
  • It enables the user to retrieve past historical data in real-time
  • The users can receive payment notifications
  • One can buy and sell as well as send and receive Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin


  • Allows the users to incorporate Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin cash payments in their applications
  • It is a Single purpose API
  • Supports XML, JSONP, CRUD, and URI Formats
  • Uses OAuth 2 model for authentication purposes
  • Trades around $52,618,344 per day

Coinbase exchange API is simple and easy to use. It is well documented, with established community members where users can interact. Many developers, as well as users, choose it.


It is all free; however, the users have a limitation of 10,000 Requests each hour.

Kraken API

Kraken API has more than four million users and is among the biggest Crypto exchanges in the world. It has users in more than 190 countries.


  • Users can allow third-party Apps to start or cancel trades
  • It is a single-purpose API and uses a Key for authentication
  • Uses URI, JSONP, XML, And CRUD Formats
  • Supports more than 50 Cryptocurrencies with 17 Crypto asset futures
  • Regulated by ASIC and FCA
  • Offers various payment methods
  • Offers both Web and Mobile Apps to users
  • Trades around $41,291,726 in a single day.
  • Easy to use with a big growing community of users
  • Well documented


It is free to use.

Gemini API

It is a licensed virtual Crypto exchange, founded in New York, that incorporates both Institutions and Individuals. It is among the largest Crypto exchanges in the world. Additionally, the FDIC regulates it and it offers more than 20 Crypto assets.


  • Facilitates the creation, cancelation of orders, shows available balance, and allows for the creation of new deposit addresses by third party Apps
  • A single purpose and a Key authentication Model
  • Has a RESTful formation
  • Supports JSONP, XML, URI, and CRUD Formats
  • Offers more than 20 digital Assets
  • Available in over 50 countries
  • The users are subject to Know Your Customer protocols
  • It trades $8,684,247 per day
  • Easy to use, with a rapidly growing community
  • API is fully documented


It is free to use.


Even though many people continue to put off genuineness of the Cryptocurrency sector, digital coins might be here to stay. With new crypto coins being created each day, a user needs to choose technology to assist in getting the necessary data. This will enable them to make informed decisions when trading as well as create the possibility to design compatible apps that can be used in Crypto exchanges. One of the best technologies is the use of Cryptocurrency APIs.